Hearing Aid Pricing

If your Google search has led you here, it’s because you have started to explore hearing aid options. Congratulations! Improving your hearing can positively affect your life in so many ways. As humans, we are social creatures and having that connection to people is very important for our mental and physical well-being.

Now where do we begin? There are advertisements for clearer, better hearing for only $39.95 but your friend just got a new pair of hearing aids for $6000. What gives? How do you decide what option is best? Will a simple amplifier get the job done? Do I need to spend thousands of dollars to improve my hearing?! We will try to answer all of these questions in under 400 words.

There are several factors that influence the cost of hearing devices. Major hearing aid manufacturers spend millions of dollars in research and development. This research allows them to create the best computer chips for processing speech in complicated listening environments. On the other hand, amplifiers work to increase the signal with a speaker and a microphone with basic (sometimes) digital technology. These options tend to be less expensive and may be appropriate for someone who really just needs help in simple one to one conversation.

The next factor that influences the cost of hearing aids is the service that is associated with it. Major hearing aid manufacturers tend to work with hearing care professionals. As an audiologist, we are trained to not only evaluate your hearing but your specific listening demands to help select the best technology for your lifestyle. While choosing the professional care route may be more expensive, it also provides you with an advocate who will help to assure that you are getting the most out of your hearing.


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