Widex Hearing Aids

Widex MOMENT™ 440, featuring PureSound™ powered by the ZeroDelay™ Pathway, delivers pure, natural sound by eliminating the distortion that causes traditional hearing aids to sound like hearing aids. Widex MOMENT™ optimizes this sound with the use of TruAcoustic™ personalizing the sound better than ever before.

These features are in addition to the industry leading features that you have come to except from Widex: Fluid Sound Technology offering automation in 11 sounds classes, My Sound, which uses real time machine learning to help patients customize their sound in the MOMENT™, and Real Life Insights which helps the HCP track patients use of personal programs to enhance counseling and follow-up fine tuning.

In today’s busy world, we are all becoming increasingly aware of the effects stress can have on our minds and bodies. Widex SoundRelax provides a library of sounds to choose from to help relaxation, well-being, and concentration. This unique feature is designed to help all hearing aid wears – with or without tinnitus.

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