The Dangers of Noise Induced Hearing Loss

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How to Change the Wax Guard in Widex Hearing Aids

Gael Hannon speaks about her experience with wearing Hearing Aids

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Personal Health: Lifelines for People with Hearing Loss by Jane E. Brody.

Hearing loss usually has a gradually onset that worsens over time and often ignored. Those affected with gradual onset of hearing loss often find others mumble their speech. As time goes on and the hearing worsens people become increasingly frustrated and socially isolated. There are major risks associated with hearing loss including dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.
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TINNITUS- Can you hear that?

Update on Dementia & Hearing loss: Evidence continues to mount relative to the relationship between dementia and hearing loss by Dennis Hampton, Ph.D.

There is increasing evidence of the causal link between untreated hearing loss and dementia. Although it cannot be definitively said that hearing aids can stave off dementia, the evidence for such a benefit is intriguing.
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Mindfulness-Based Therapy: New Study Underscores Tinnitus Treatment Options by Richard S. Tyler, Ph.D.

Mindfulness-Based Tinnitus Stress Reduction (MBTSR) evolved from Buddhist philosophy to help reduce the stress associated with tinnitus. The approach is to train the mind to bring attention back to the present when the mind starts to deviate and dwell on the past or the future. The MBTSR includes mediation, body awareness, mindful movement and mindfulness in day-to-day living.
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Frequently asked questions about Tinnitus

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